17 October 2010

Straight Boys + Beer = ?

Beer is a wonderful tool to knock down walls for certain straight lads. They lose their homophobic inhibitions and come much closer to male intimacy than they would whilst sober.

Later, they can laugh off any photos that might seem "too gay" with a simple exculpatory like "dude, we were so wasted!" Only in the darkest, most private warrens of their subconscious will some of them admit, "that time I fell asleep curled in Justin's arms on the boat was so nice, so safe, so right."


  1. Anonymous08:04

    Yes it's true Will, there are a lot of straight guys who just can't articulate their true desires, it's a shame they can't get in touch with who they really are. Great post.

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  3. Anonymous17:49

    I've seen beer make "straight" men tea bag, dry hump, and even kiss each other. Does beer bring out your true self? Does beer remove inhibitions and enhance attractions that are already there? Are some guys queer before the beer?



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