06 October 2010

Kilt Laddies

Hot horny young men in kilts. They amply demonstrate why you mustn't wear underwear when you have one on.


  1. Anonymous06:13

    O my fucking god, are you kidding me? HOT - HOT - HOT!

    I will never look at men inkilts the same way!


  2. Anonymous08:29

    Bravo! Kilts are my favorite thing--no zippers, no underwear, no fuss. More kilts, please.

    I think the dude with red hair is awesome. I am always a sucker for a red head--literally speaking, or course.


  3. you know, i'm not usually a fan of kilts OR rimming (watching, anyway) but they somehow made this HOT for me. loved it. still won't wear a kilt though.

  4. Anonymous18:33

    AlthoughI liked all six of these guys in and out of their kilts, I'd liked to have seen these BIG dicked uc/c guys sucking and fucking and deeply eating out the asses of each other! It would have made for a much hotter vid!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous18:48

    I just watched the video for the second time. It's still very hot. I just wish the camera man would have gone to the other side of the table. I would have loved to see the facial expressions on those "straight" boys as they were being tongue probed.
    Again, more kilts please.


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