21 May 2012

Necktie Love

Sometime in high school I figured out that if you looped a necktie around your balls and gently pulled the ends back and forth, the sensation was extremely pleasurable. You need a silk tie or one made of similar material, like smooth rayon, as opposed to a cotton or wool one.

With time I learned that if you did this necktie trick whilst another lad sucked your cock, the effect was exponentially more intense. Make sure you use an old necktie, however, because cum permanently stains silk. On that I speak from experience.


  1. Anonymous00:13

    I often wondered why Americans specified that it was a 'neck' tie - where else would you wear it?

    Know I know :-)

  2. great selection! nothing hotter than a hot man stripping out of his suit. Sadly, there aren't enough pics like these around.

  3. Anonymous14:24

    #3 is INCREDIBLY hot! Wanna slip my hands inside that shirt.
    Looks a bit like Mark Dylan? - if so that would definitely explain it...


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