11 May 2012

Permission to Cum Aboard

I know some of you lads aren't wild about vintage material, but many others of you are, judging by your emails. Here is a variety of sailors from yesteryear -- some real, some imaginary. The last one is my favorite.


  1. Thanks for this set. Myself, I like the vintage pics.

  2. Nice vintage! Two uncut! Hot!

  3. Anonymous09:27

    I dont particularly care for vintage stuff... but these are interesting. ... I wonder what these guys look like now? Its scary isnt it . . one minute such a hot lad of 21 and then turn the page and your an old man not so hot . . . time sure does go by fast. . as my mom always told me. . . and she was right. One minute you are a hot stud as these guys above were and the next well, they are old men now as time goes by all too quickly. :)

  4. Anonymous09:52

    (Probable) real sailor in photo #3 was smashingly handsome. I'm guessing that was taken in the early '40s? I wonder what / who he was smiling at? - Montana Cowboy

  5. great pics! love the bottom one especially!

  6. Anonymous11:50

    #2, Dick DuBois, was Mr. America '54 (6'1" -220#), Mr. USA '57. (It's worth it to check him out, see his pix on classicbodybuilders.com) He was handsome & sweet looking. I had a crush on him at 13. There was a rumor/story about him that he was into gay sex - until his future wife set him "straight". With Steve Reeves (as handsome & hunky as they got back then!), DuBois's in the movie "Athena" (1954) starring Jane Powell as the daughter of a health guru (people interested in bbldg, health foods, vegetarianism, etc. were considered quirky back then); English actor Edmund Purdom, most probably who was gay himself, plays the boyfriend of Jane, & gets to knockout Reeves - to show how a 'normal' guy can best a bb health 'nut'! (a pic from that scene is on the site I mentioned)
    DuBois became a preacher; he died at least 10? yrs ago.
    If I could go back in time, re-arrange my atoms (LOL)I'm sure I could have convinced him to stay 'gay'!


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