06 May 2012

Your Order May Be Delayed

I purchased some underwear online the other day and have checked the order status every day since. The seller's website keeps saying "order processing in warehouse."

Now I understand why it's taking so long to package my underwear. The warehouse lads are otherwise occupied doing something like this. I hope they send me pictures with my order.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Good video with an exceptional (second)cum-shot. At first view it appeared that the sucker came onto the suckee's pulled down pants. I don't think it was the case. However we've all been there before; when after getting sucked-off while standing and then pulling your pants back up and finding loads of cum inside (not your own) and having that sticky stuff eventually slather uncomfortably all over your ass-crack and balls. - Montana Cowboy

  2. eric04:58

    This would have been sexier with anybody but eric rhodes -

  3. Anonymous13:11

    Soooo dramatic!


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