09 February 2017

Anger Mismanagement

Donald Trump continues to make war on the judicial system like a petulant child who can't get his own way. If he was a private citizen, this would be dismissible as just the rantings of a narcissist, as happened when he was facing trial in a massive fraud racketeering lawsuit last year.

When it's coming out of the President's mouth, however, it is more than deeply troubling. It's downright frightening and threatens our democracy.

New York magazine ran a concise piece (link here) earlier this week about Trump's escalating war against the judiciary. Notice how they compare President Obama's reasonable criticism about a court decision with Trump's unpatriotic vitriol about the entire legal system.

The Washington Post also had a good piece (link here) on the same topic. Even Trump's own Supreme Court nominee has chastised him for what he's been saying.

Trump's rhetoric arguably pushes us down the slippery slope toward a constitutional crisis. He's unhappy federal courts have ruled his immigration order unconstitutional and he doesn't seem ready to back down, notwithstanding no President has ever behaved like this.

Given that many legal analysts believe the courts will ultimately find his actions unconstitutional, it's deeply worrisome that he has come out swinging in his first legal challenge. Presidents are overruled all the time by courts -- will he do this every time?

Worse, will he ignore courts when he wants to? Today it's his immigration ban. What next?

Trump has promised to sign FADA when it comes to his desk, the fraudulently titled First Amendment Defense Act which allows open discrimination against LGBT people. Many First Amendment experts believe such a law would be struck down in federal courts.

What would Trump do then? Will he try to bully the courts into accepting FADA? Will he ignore them if they rule it unconstitutional and order the Justice Department to stop protecting LGBT Americans?

Every day of Trump's administration seems to be worse and worse. Where we may end up is almost too horrible to imagine at this point.

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