17 February 2017


Donald Trump's bilious press conference yesterday, if it could be called that, was deeply disturbing. The man appeared to be delusional at times with a tenuous grip on reality. During many moments, he seemed more like the president of a banana republican than the President of the United States.

The event was also a blizzard of lies.

A number of fact checkers have already published a voluminous rundown of the many falsehoods Trump spewed during the presser: PolitiFact (link here); ABC News (link here); NBC News (link here); The New York Times (link here); USA Today (link here); and the Associated Press (link here).

And finally, focusing instead on the biggest whoppers, Policy.Mic published a piece with the title "Here are the 5 biggest lies from Donald Trump's bizarre press conference" (link here).

This all brings me back to a point I've made a number of times here before: Donald Trump lies so easily and so often and so shamelessly, how can we believe anything he ever says, including whatever promises or statements he's made about LGBT Americans.

People who believe habitual liars are almost always left sadly disappointed.

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  1. Anonymous23:30

    So sad (but not that young man-- got any more of him?)


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