15 February 2017

The Theocracy

The New York Times published an informative and ultimately disturbing article on Monday (link here) with the title "For Religious Conservatives, Success and Access at the Trump White House."

In a sentence, the piece details how Trump shamelessly panders to far-right theocratic Christians in exchange for their support while they blindly support him and ignore his obscene hypocrisy.

Given that ultra-conservative theocratic Christians are almost exclusively and hatefully anti-LGBT, I'm left wondering how any LGBT person could think that, somehow, Trump could be both pro-LGBT while concurrently pandering to the far right.

In short, it's all but impossible. Here's the bottom line: Trump needs the far-right for re-election. He knows, no matter what, he'll have little support from the LGBT community. So when it comes down to throwing either the anti-LGBT faction or the pro-LGBT faction under the bus, it will be the latter.

After reading the linked article, it's pretty clear that far-right theocratic Christians are easily fooled or lacking a moral compass. That's why they voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers.

In contrast, it's equally clear the pro-LGBT community is not easily fooled. That's why they voted against Trump in overwhelming numbers.

A few pro-LGBT people still cling to the delusion that, somehow, Trump will be pro-LGBT, notwithstanding he's surrounded himself with hatefully anti-LGBT people in his administration and promises to sign LGBT-discriminating legislation like FADA.

When Trump-supporting LGBT people finally wake up and realize they've been had, hopefully they will join the anti-Trump alliance and speak out against him.


  1. Anonymous03:48

    Como siempre los falsos puritanos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous17:44

    You are exactly correct about the ultra-conservative "Christians." What would one expect when their entire "religion" is based on fear of burning in hell and not anything to do with Christ. Then, since one has purchased the "get out of hell free card," one can do anything one desires. I'm a Christian, so thank you for not lumping the ultra-right conservative types with Christians - we love Christ and must, therefore, love our fellow human beings.


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