23 February 2017


President Obama tried to stop schools from discriminating students based on gender identity. The Trump administration is reversing that policy entirely.

Schools will now be free to discriminate against these young people (details here).

The new education secretary, who has a history of being anti-LGBT, actually wanted to keep the rules in place. But powers-that-be inside the Trump administration overruled her, including the new Attorney General.

Now some people still insist Donald Trump is pro-LGBT, but this action reveals two interesting facts: First, more moderate voices within the administration that wish to accommodate LGBT people are being silenced. And second, the claim that Trump is pro-LGBT is directly refuted with actions like these.

Perhaps when Trump waved that upside-down rainbow flag for a few seconds, he thought he was summoning a leprechaun.

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  1. OMG!
    Another issue here that proves «Trumpty Dumpty» is a real fraud to himself.

    As we say, you'll be judge by your actions, not by what you think.

    For all those LGGBT problems in your country, must admit that you have a long long road to go to achieve acceptance and respect of all your levels of politic administrations.
    The courts included because your judges are nominated by those who have narrow minded spirits.

    Seems that «fake», «alternative» and «bigot» news and facts are what is held as «truth» in USA.
    No opening to other point of views and more progressive ones too.

    For the transgender issue, our two levels of governments quickly responded by getting inform from the public and people who are concern to make rules and laws to protect those who are struggling with those matters.

    For us, a child that was born a boy and is going to change his gender for a girl, is considered as a «girl» as soon as doctors and psychologists say that this it is.
    Even «her» new gender can easily be changed on the population provincial et federal records.

    As I told you earlier: other country, other ways to treat people and also LGBT.

    Thank God, I live in Canada


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