06 February 2017

The Flock

Once again Donald Trump has created headlines and controversy by once more praising Russian totalitarian Vladimir Putin, as he did most recently over the weekend in an interview (link here).

Confronted yet again by discussion of Putin's murderous history, Trump attempted to deflect attention with his usual nonsensical blather as he once more heaped praise on the totalitarian whom he said he "respects."

The links between politically motivated murder and the Russian president have been extensively documented, as have Putin's draconian anti-LGBT policies and beliefs. Many media outlets have covered Putin's anti-LGBT crusades -- like The New York Times (link here), the political newspaper The Hill (link here), Politico magazine (link here), GQ magazine (link here), and many more.

Now Trump and his supporters like to pretend the new President is pro-LGBT, yet if that's the case, why does he so openly pander to a neofascist like Putin who relentlessly persecutes LGBT people?

Trump surrounds himself with homophobes in his administration and selected one as his Vice President. He admires virulent homophobes like Putin and Roy Cohn. These are not the actions of someone who believes in LGBT equality and justice.

Birds of a feather flock together.

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