02 February 2017

Slight of Hand

Several people emailed me recently about how Donald Trump's spokesperson said the White House is leaving in place for the time being President Obama's executive order protecting LGBT workers from discrimination while working for federal contractors.

"See, you were dead wrong!" screamed one of the emails. "Trump loves gays! He's good for gays!"

How easily you were fooled.

Your attention is drawn to an article in Salon yesterday titled "Don't believe the spin: Donald Trump will absolutely use the White House to attack LGBT rights" (link here).

Trump has promised repeatedly to sign the deceptively titled "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA), a draconian new law which would allow employers to discriminate against LGBT workers and require the government to defend any such company at taxpayer expense in discrimination suits.

And, instantly, as soon as he signs FADA, that voids President Obama's executive order protecting LGBT workers. Hence, the announcement earlier this week was just a ruse to fool you. You always have to look at the bottom line, and the bottom line here is Trump will throw LGBT people under the bus to pander to his conservative base.

The Salon piece details other anti-LGBT actions Trump is expected to take. I urge you to read the article so you can get ready to speak out against his assaults on our fundamental rights.


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