04 February 2017

The Evisceration

Once again Michelangelo Signorile had an excellent column this week at The Huffington Post, this one titled "Be Certain Of This: Donald Trump Will Try To Eviscerate LGBTQ Equality" (link here).

He succinctly lays out four simple rules to prepare yourself for what is coming from Trump and then details the "why" for each one:

1. Dismiss anything said by the White House that is even remotely positive about LGBT rights.

2. Do not believe any media that has promoted Trump’s false claims.

3. Take attacks on any one group as an attack on all of us.

4. Realize that when it comes to LGBT equality, it’s not over.

I urge you to read Signorile's piece and to share it with your LGBT and LGBT-friendly associates.

Trump's deceitful rhetoric and fabric of lies have bamboozled some of the LGBT community -- but certainly not the majority. They need to be gently reminded of reality before they feel the boot of totalitarianism on their neck.

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