16 February 2017

Out of Control

The Trump Administration is now in meltdown mode because of the Michael Flynn resignation and drip drip drip revelations about how Donald Trump was long aware of Flynn's illegal behavior but tried to cover it up and even lied to his own Vice-President.

This all grows out of Trump's baffling adoration of Vladimir Putin and his Russian kleptocracy. Why can Putin and Russia do no wrong in Trump's eyes?

To this end, The Boston Globe published an excellent article yesterday with the title "Five big, unanswered questions about Trump and Russia" (link here).

This excerpt is right on the money: "Why has Trump taken such a conciliatory approach to Vladimir Putin’s illiberal regime? Trump has never clarified what he expects to get from Moscow. What exactly does the United States need — and need so badly that Trump would go out of his way to praise Putin?"

And also: "Without a clear realpolitik explanation for Trump’s Russophilia, it’s hard to silence questions about whether he’s actually motivated by something else. Hidden business ties with Russian oligarchs? A close adviser who’s been compromised? Even blackmail inside the White House? There is no clear and straightforward explanation for Trump’s behavior toward Russia."

It's no secret that Vladimir Putin is a major enemy of LGBT people everywhere. He openly discriminates against and persecutes LGBT people in Russia with draconian laws and police actions. For that reason, given Trump's adoration of the Russian autocrat, the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

The very fact that Trump adores Putin should be at the top of every LGBT person's list about why Trump cannot be trusted. No amount of upside-down rainbow flag waving can hide the fact that Trump adores a near-dictator who thinks LGBT people are subhuman.


  1. Anonymous12:16

    We can only hope the administration is in meltdown mode, but I don't think we're to that point yet. In addition, I was listening to a radio commentator who was opining that this brouhaha is all a smokescreen to keep attention off far more nefarious goings-on. Isn't that a heartening thing to contemplate?

  2. Anonymous04:09

    Que peligro.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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