03 February 2017

The Shoes Keep Dropping

A number of media outlets -- including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the political magazine The Nation -- reported yesterday that officials in the Trump administration are drafting an official policy to incorporate conservative Christian beliefs into White House doctrine, including rulings that premarital sex is wrong, that marriage between only a man and a woman can be recognized, that life begins at conception, and that birth gender is determinative.

Such a declaration would give official government protection to any individual, company, or organization openly discriminating "on religious grounds" against LGBT Americans as well as others engaged in non-traditional lifestyles like heterosexual unmarried cohabitation.

Quoted in The Washington Post (link here), Lambda Legal's chief executive said such an action would be "an invitation to theocracy. It is the privileging of some religions over others, and an invitation by members of those religions to flout the law."

You should read the complete text of the leaked White House document, which is available online at The Nation (link here).

But, hey, Donald Trump held a rainbow flag upside-down for two seconds, so we shouldn't worry about all this constant rhythm of dropping shoes, right? Wait a minute -- what's that handwriting on the wall over there?

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