13 February 2017

The Coming War

Nico Lang wrote an excellent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times last week with the title "Don’t believe Trump’s spin. The war against same-sex marriage is just getting started" (link here).

His piece makes several powerful arguments, including this one: "Same-sex partners may get to keep their marriages under the Trump administration, but those unions will mean little if the federal government erodes the rights and benefits afforded to that status."

He could not be more correct.

What Donald Trump wants is simple: a country where both same-sex marriage is legal and widespread discrimination against LGBT people is legal.

Lang is specifically referencing the ludicrously titled "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA), still pending before Congress, and the unsuccessful attempt by Trump to sneak it in early through an executive order. Trump has promised to sign FADA as soon as it reaches his desk from Congress.

If you don't already know, FADA would allow anyone to discriminate against LGBT people simply by evoking "religious freedom." It's legalizing Fags Keep Out.

This is why many LGBT people, including me, are so frustrated at those who think Trump is pro-LGBT. Waving an upside down rainbow flag for two seconds and stream-of-consciousness mutterings about protecting LGBT people from terrorists are all a smokescreen.

FADA means real, actual, tangible, and harsh discrimination. It means blatant segregation -- places where LGBT are allowed and places where they are barred.

Trump supports this travesty and has vowed repeatedly to sign it into law. That's the real issue, not some nonsensical inverted flag waving.

If Trump gets his way, and the courts don't block him, he'll be legalizing discrimination against us for all time and we'll be powerless to stop it.

That's just inexcusable. And morally reprehensible. And indefensible.

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