25 September 2010

Harder Please

What a way to wake up, and what a way to be rewarded for wakeup service. I'll be out of town this week and staying in a hotel. I wonder what number I dial to get this kind of wakeup attention?

(I only ask that rhetorically, of course. I am deeply in love with my boyfriend and steadfastly faithful. But I am missing him right now and won't see him again for another week.)


  1. Anonymous06:14

    Sometimes the simplest videos are the hottest. No groups, no toys, no costumes, no stories--just too good looking dudes waking up and doing what comes naturally. Very hot. That being said, the still picture you used to post the video is hilarious. In it, the guy getting pounded looks like the masked ghost from those "Scream" movies.

  2. Anonymous09:44

    Who is the top???

  3. your parenthetical comment is great. glad you're in a successful relationship.

  4. Anonymous05:02

    Being separated sucks. But look on the bright side, his balls are filling up while you're gone too.

  5. Anonymous09:29

    John Magnum is soooooooooooo hot! Check him out in www.sg4ge.com

  6. Anonymous11:44

    5 stars


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