18 January 2012

Back Room Boning

After searching around on the internet, I was able to find a link online for the scene depicted a few days ago here in stills. The hot darker bloke is Steve Collins and the little bottle-blond twink is Peter Waves.

I originally saw this in a porn theater more than twenty years ago. When viewing this at home, you don't have the benefit of a floor made sticky from years of cum and spilled soda, but maybe a man will sit down beside you and offer you a blowjob whilst you view the film. I don't know how you could recreate the unique scent of a porn theater, unless perhaps you already have a lot of dried jism on your floors and all over your upholstered furniture.

Click here to watch the scene on a larger screen. And don't forget to watch for the manager! He may toss you out if he catches you jerking off. Blowjobs he doesn't care about as long as your new friend swallows.


  1. It's awesome you found this clip to accompany the stills

  2. Hey guys. Just recently, I'm having trouble seeing the comments from previous blog postings. I can access the latest one and that's all. When I click on previous comments, my computer just stalls. Any advice?

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous03:02

    Yes, I, too, still have (albeit fading) memories of those days when I used to go to porn theatres ... there's something undeniably sexy and sleazy about them ... the atmosphere was always charged, loaded with sex, sweat and cum ... HOT!

  4. Leo, that sounds like a browser problem. Have you tried another browser? You might also need to update your Java if it's not done automatically.


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