05 January 2012

Jock Check

Did you have a jockstrap check when you were in gym class? When the teacher called "jock check," we had to pull the strap out of our shorts and snap it loudly to prove we were adequately protected.

In the winter, we had to pull down our sweats and snap the strap, but often the shorts ended up coming down, too, in the hurry and half the lads had their bare cheeks showing. At the time I thought nothing of it, but now I wonder if some of the teachers, particularly the substitutes, were a bit more eager about the jock check than perhaps they should have been.


  1. Anonymous07:36

    i don't want to make too much of this but i think there is some fooling around between phys ed teachers and coaches and their students. i can only speak from personal experience but i was a jock and i played w/ 2 coaches in h.s. and 1 in college. that's why i don't think the whole penn state mess is as rare as some peeps suggest. i could be wrong.

  2. Anonymous14:06

    We had to drop our gym shorts to our ankles as the coach walked around us to verify we were in proper attire for gym class. Coach also showered with us when we had gym class the last period of the day. I still fantasize about his muscular, furry body and his huge uncut cock. Who could not help staring at him as he soaped up his body next to mine...

  3. Anonymous03:15

    jocks are the sexiest thing on earth when worn by the 'right' man ... if worn by the 'wrong' one - they're the biggest turn-off EVER!

  4. Anonymous04:54

    We had 'jock check' too at my junior high school. If you were not wearing yours then the coach made all the guys - 30? 40? - stand in a circle with their legs spread and you had to crawl through all of them while they swatted your butt.

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