14 January 2012

Cashing In

Patrick has finally gone all the way to town with another bloke. I'm guessing he received a tidy wad of cash for this.

He said in one of his solo videos that his girlfriend did not know about his jerkoff videos. I wonder what she might think of this?

Thanks once again to ever-faithful reader Dirk who located this link. If you'd like to watch a larger-screen version, please click here.


  1. Patrick may have taken his first steps to the gay side but I still sense a lot of straight in him.

    Maybe next time, we'll see him give his mate a tender "thank you" kiss instead of a slap on the shoulder, a nervous laugh, and a "cheers mate".

    All in all, still very hot. I loved how both men squirted at nearly the same time. I think that shows both dudes are feeding off each other's sexual energy.

    Leo G.

  2. Two tasty pups! HOT

  3. Anonymous10:20

    Patrick is hot and all but it's things like this that make me enjoy Str8 anal porn more cause at least the guy in straight porn is enjoying himself and not faking it or making the scene uncomfortable to watch like this scene...

  4. Anonymous13:48

    That was hot! I cracked a fat then lost my load when Patrick nailed him laying on their sides. Bugger me!

    Thanx Dirk and thanx Will.

    - John

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm YUMMY!

  6. Anonymous03:49

    ... she's probably having a wank herself while watching the film (LOL)!!!

  7. Anonymous06:22

    cant believe his "first" man to man video is such a cheap production...

  8. Anonymous16:34

    I always thought Patrick was hot but now he's even hotter. I'd suck the cum from his cock and from his fuck buddy's cock too.

  9. Anonymous03:00

    I guess the next step for ol' paddy is taking it in the rear.

    Looking forward to seeing him swallow his viagra, bend over, and take it like a trooper

  10. Anonymous06:17

    I get the impression he's looking at straight porn off-screen to work himself up. He couldn't wait to leave at the end!

  11. Anonymous06:29

    Sorry - just about the un-sexiest thing I've seen. Patrick has no interest in what's happening - he'd probably enjoy it more if he was wanking himself. & that accent! Your videos are usually much better than this.

  12. you mean this actually was a video of patrick fucking someone...
    dude... you got to get us some explicit link of patrick, I havent seen any ever :(


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