12 January 2012

Johnny Pigg

Johnny has been around porn for close to ten years now. He's an enthusiastic and versatile performer who clearly enjoys hopping into bed with other men. I get the sense that, if offered a much higher-paying career without sex, he'd turn you down in a second. He's a bit of a pig on screen, which is perfectly okay with me.


  1. Well I am glad he did not! LOL! He looks better naked and performing than sitting at a desk with on clothes

  2. Would LOVE to see him in action!

  3. Anonymous02:35

    he's HOT!!! true, he IS a pig, and he's bold and cheeky - all of which is what makes him so special!

  4. Anonymous06:50

    Hey, thegayte-keeper: Johnny Hazzard has been in films too numerous to list. It's very easy to see him "in action."

  5. Anonymous17:33

    I've followed Johnny for a better part of the past 10 years and there are few men that turn me on like he does. I'm not a fan of the term 'pig' but I know it is a turn on for a lot of men. If he is a pig on screen it's an act because in every day life Johnny is a very normal guy. He can crawl in my bed any day or night of the week!


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