26 January 2012

Go Navy!

I've always thought a hoodie makes a lad look even hotter. I never considered what the effect would be like without pants. I like this even more!

And with that military-style haircut, I suspect he really is in the Navy. He can steam into my harbor anytime he likes.


  1. Anonymous06:03

    im not a size queen. i guess i'm weird because frankly, i sometimes get tired of looking at one mutant dick after another. what increases this swabby's cute factor is his flacid cock. don't laugh but it's cute and it would be great fun to put that in my mouth and feel it grow.
    i can't tell you how much i enjoy your blog. it's brought me many hours of heat and humor. kudos!

  2. I agree! But what really attracts me is this guy's face! Hello sailor!

  3. Anonymous05:06

    it's the fact that he's wearing that fucking sweatshirt that makes the pic (and the guy!) as hot as it/ he is!

  4. Anonymous12:03

    My favorite part is that I went to college with this guys... :) hot then... and hot now


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