16 January 2012

Camping With Chris

My first sexual experiences with other males occurred on camping trips. Today, whenever I am in a national park or forest, that deep-woods pine scent brings back memories of my sexual awakenings. Today, I prefer sex in a bed, but if Chris here wanted to sneak off into the woods and learn a thing or two about man-to-man sex, I'd be happy to teach him all I know.


  1. Anonymous12:05

    Sexy body and pretty face, the only thing he needs is a good haircut !

  2. What a beautiful natural man with no tattoos, piercings, or shaved pubes!

    OK, we want and expect more details about those first sexual experiences you had while camping in the woods. Be explicit!

  3. Anonymous05:15

    Got wood? I'm really impressed with his log splitter--and I'm not talking about his axe. Ha Ha.

    Leo G.

  4. hot and nice! I prefer sex anywhere but in bed. Bed is for sleeping! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing your story!


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