27 January 2012

Down the Lane

Lane Fuller started out in porn doing twinkier bottom roles but then he matured a bit and became more versatile. Here he can be seen in his later phase, after he evolved into a man and was no longer so boyish. He left porn around 2005 so I don't know what's become of him since then.

I like his white trash hustler look here, photographed in a semi-sleazy motel room somewhere. He might be a turning tricks for fifty bucks a go. He could charge more money but he really doesn't care because he's just having so much fun sucking off other guys and letting them use him as their fuck slut.

If you'd like to download a free folder with thirty larger format photos from this shoot, please click here.


  1. Anonymous16:55

    I remember seeing lots of Lane's scenes, he really never struck me as someone who was suited to porn mentally. Physically he could take huge meat but he always had one expression throughout his entire career, a blank and rather bored look which mad him unappealing to me, I mean he had a scene with Tom Chase and he looked like he was wondering what he was going to buy at the supermarket later. What a waste -_-

  2. Anonymous03:08

    Lane's a pig - that's what makes him so fuckin' hot!!!


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