30 January 2012

Hose Me Down

Xavier has the fireman look down fine. He could be the real thing -- burly, muscular, strong, and fearless. That clock tattoo was probably not the wisest choice, but with the lights dimmed a bit, who'd notice? These images are absolutely massive, so be sure to click and save for future use in case you ever need to quench your fire.


  1. Anonymous05:17

    hot photo-set of Xavier-Muscle (... looks like him, anyway ...) ...

  2. Anonymous00:23

    He looks rather stupid in that helmet!

  3. Anonymous09:05

    The first five images are corrupt (at least on my end) and I'm having problems loading the main page of your blog (It takes over 5 minutes to load). The page used to load just fine but now it takes a very long time to load. Not sure why...the only thing I noticed was that these images were showing up corrupt on my end. P.S. nice blog.

  4. Anonymous14:26

    now the page loading problem is on page two instead of page one now that this post is on page two. sure makes me want to stop visiting your blog.

  5. Anon, sounds like the loading problem is a slow connection on your end. These are very large pictures. I usually don't use images this big.


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