03 January 2012

Up Your Kilt

When I was a wee lad still living in the UK, I occasionally saw men in kilts. It's not a common sight in the south, so I always thought they looked a bit silly.

It wasn't until after I passed through puberty and realized which way my sexual barometer was pointing did I change my opinion about men in kilts. A long and rather memorable trip to Scotland shortly after college altered that, too.

These pictures are all a lot larger, so you can click on them to see more detail. The yellowish cast seems original to the image -- obvious gels like this were popular in commercial photography about fifteen years ago.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    this is quite simply a most awesome pictorial!!!

  2. Kilts NEVER looked better!

  3. Anonymous11:54

    OUCH! Now there's a caber I'd like to toss! Nothing silly about that, now, hey manhandler? Someone needs to put a brick in that lad's sporan if he's heading out for a stroll.

  4. Anonymous17:03

    Kilts? Laddie, now you'll be bringin' a wee tear to me eye. I love kilts!

    I love to see a man's hairy knobby knees sticking out of his kilt. I also love the mystery of not knowing what the laddie is wearing underneath.

    I once wore a kilt with nothing underneath. I loved the feeling of the soft heavy wool rubbing against my dick.

    By the way, the lad in the pictures is sporting a raging hard-on. Bravo for him. Lately, my hard-ons have only been slightly irritated.

    Leo G.

  5. wow this is fabulous!

  6. Anonymous09:18

    It would be nice if fashion designers in the US would push the trend.

    Perhaps, Project Runway should do an entire show on kilts. (I think the host would enjoy working with the models.)

  7. Anonymous00:26

    Amazing! Who is this sexy (makes me very horny) hunk of a man, more pics he is absolutely fabulous.


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