02 January 2012

Out to Sea

Nick here first started doing solo porn, then graduated into male-male sex as a top, and now seems more commonly a bottom on screen. He looks like a natural bottom to me for some reason, so I suspect that was just part of his unveiling -- there's more promotional value when an allegedly "straight" lad tops a few times and then has a fat dick shoved up his bum.

His whole body is fantastic but worth an extra mention are his thick forearms. I find that very much a turn-on in a man. It suggests a certain natural and inherent strength.

He'd be a terrific partner with whom to be shipwrecked on a desert isle. He looks great now, but in ten years he'd have grown into a more mature man, provided there's enough food on the island. He's also sexually versatile, so that would keep me very busy.


  1. Anonymous08:38

    nice cock, just the right size, and thickness, oh and those nice little nips on that great chest is great too...


  2. PERFECT sailing buddy!

  3. Anonymous05:25

    love Nick Sterling


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