10 January 2012

Look Up!

I find this photo very erotic for many reasons. First, he could not get any harder, I don't think. I love when a man has an achingly hard boner at its maximum rigidity. He'll leak the most precum, particularly if he's teased and edged a long time. Handcuffing and shackling him might be a good way to start with this lad.

His ripped six-pack and lean torso covered with natural fur is also a big selling point for me. No fat nor razors in his house. That big mound of bushy pubes and fuzzy balls are both extremely inviting.

I also like that he's wearing dress pants whilst flying commando. He's always ready to play. He might work behind a desk somewhere, but he's prepared to duck into the supply room for some fast action.

And last, but not least, this appears to be an amateur shot. He posted this somewhere online because he wanted to fuck. Right away. He wasn't looking for romantic candlelight dinners or long walks on the beach. He was looking for cum and ripped sheets and exhausting sex.


  1. Anonymous07:07

    I agree completely. Men turn me on. He looks like a man.

  2. Anonymous07:08

    The one thing I would add is just from his expression, there's a hint he might like a walk on the beach.


    not now.

    right now he wants to fuck


  4. Anonymous11:17

    What is wrong with this man? How can he ignore his penis like that?! If my penis was that beautiful, I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of it. In fact, I would install a small closed circuit camera in my briefs so that I could monitor that perfect dick 24 hours a day. That's right, fellows, I would have around the "cock" surveillance. Ha Ha.

    Leo G.

  5. Anonymous01:26

    I actually agree with Anonymous - with a schlong like THAT, why look up? look DOWN and admire and appreciate what you got!

  6. While a good man may be hard to find, the fact is, a HARD man is always good to find!

  7. WOOF on this HOT HUNK. Love to meet him and have fun with him.


  8. Anonymous22:47

    He's not going to be waiting long for great sex - he's oozing hot sexuality. Phil038


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