26 February 2017

The Huckster

The New Republic published a short article this week (link here) about how Donald Trump shares some of the same techniques as America's most notorious fraud artists, men like P.T. Barnum, Charles Ponzi, and Bernie Madoff.

I have long called Trump a con artist, long before I started writing about politics on this blog, and I certainly was not alone. In the real world, I have considerable experience researching fraudsters and hucksters, and they have traits I recognized in Trump some years back.

One of the most succinct pieces I ever read about Trump the swindler was published in 2015 by Time magazine when they chronicled how Trump ran his fraudulent "Trump University" (link here). It's absolutely worth a read if you have not seen the piece already

Many of the same techniques he used to hoodwink suckers with Trump University were also used when he was on the campaign trail.

This is the reason many people like me never believed his attempts to paint himself as pro-LGBT. The man has a long history of conning people with lies.

He conned people in business. And then he moved on to conning people in politics. It started with his big lies about the Central Park Five and President Obama's place of birth, from which he began to build his platform of deceit.

LGBT people tricked by Trump are part of his long parade of victims. Fortunately, most LGBT people saw him for the fraud that he was and did not vote for him.

For those still being fooled, I feel sorry for them. Learning you've been scammed is never easy.

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