25 February 2017

The Writing on the Wall

Think Progress published a short piece yesterday with the title "Transgender Republicans say Trump seriously failed his first LGBT litmus test" (link here).

The article highlights several transgender folks who were at the Conservative Political Action Conference this week and feeling shellshocked by how Donald Trump broke his promise to the LGBT community when he cancelled President Obama's protections for transgender students.

One women in particular epitomizes what I see as the total myopia of the relatively small minority of LGBT Trump supporters. She mentioned how Trump held up the rainbow flag (albeit upside-down and very briefly) as proof that Trump somehow would be okay for LGBT people.

To put it bluntly, she was transfixed by an empty gesture while ignoring the clear signs Trump gave during the campaign about how he would repeatedly stab LGBT people in the back:

He promised many times to sign the hateful FADA, one of the most anti-LGBT measures Congress has proposed in recent years.

He promised to nominate only those Supreme Court justices and federal judges pre-approved by the stridently anti-LGBT Heritage Foundation.

He picked one of the most hatefully anti-LGBT politicians alive today as his running mate.

He filled his cabinet with anti-LGBT zealots like Jeffrey Sessions.

He staffed the highest levels of his White House with people who have a long history of supporting anti-LGBT causes.

He has repeatedly spoken adoringly of Vladimir Putin, an anti-LGBT tyrant.

The woman mentioned above was greatly disappointed by Trump's action. She said "this was his first big LGBT litmus test, and he failed it."

Yes he failed it, but this wasn't his first litmus test. He's been failing them all along now with his anti-LGBT actions and associations.


  1. Anonymous03:24

    Mas claro no puede estar.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous06:27

    The guy should be wearing knee pads (for a couple of reasons).


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