02 March 2017

A Case to Watch

The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in a case that conservatives are hoping will eventually weaken the US Supreme Court's landmark 2015 marriage equality decision.

At issue is whether spouses in same-sex marriages are entitled to the same employment benefits as those in heterosexual marriages.

In 2013, the city of Houston offered spousal benefits to employees in same-sex marriages just like it did for those in heterosexual marriages. A group of conservatives sued to block the move, essentially arguing that the US Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage in the Obergefell case does not mean LGBT couples have equal rights.

In contrast, the city of Houston has consistently argued that the US Supreme Court's decision means all marriages are equal, so anything offered to heterosexual couples must be offered to same-sex couples, too.

The Texas Supreme Court originally declined to take the case on discretionary appeal after a lower court ruled in Houston's favor and against the conservative challengers. However, after pressure from Republican elected officials, including rabidly homophobic Governor Gregory Abbott, the state Supreme Court reversed itself and granted the appeal.

The conservatives who originally brought suit have repeatedly said they hope the case will eventually make its way to the US Supreme Court -- which has discretion whether or not to take the appeal -- and that any justices appointed by Donald Trump will help make a deciding majority to whittle away at same-sex marriage rights.


  1. OMFG!
    How it's so «DIFFICULT» in the USA to have those rights for LGBT all over your country.

    I'm viewing the miniserie «When We Rise» on ABC and this is what i'm thinking of it.

    I saw the first episode and is recording the other ones.
    Recording enables me to skip the adds. Too many adds that are 40min on a 120min episode.

    But the most important is that is a GOOD «miniserie» and a nice historical one even if it's a bit with dramatic characters.

    As a Canadian, it helps me to understand every struggles that LGBT USA communities were going thru to achieve the recognition of simple «human rights».
    A quest that ressembles the one of black people in USA.

    What I noticed, and it's not new to me, is the violence and hate that straight people were doing against gays. This is all according to your religious and extremist right wing in USA society. Mostly coming from the Bible Belt and redneck states.

    Up here in Canada and Montreal in the 70's, we had few riots but not with such hatred and violence. Soon our federal gouvernement, with Pierre Elliot Trudeau, did some debates and ended with the conclusion that the gouvernement had NOTHING to do in the bedrooms of the population and their way of living.

    It leaded to our «Canadian Chart of Rights and Liberties» that is protecting ALL our freedom no matter our race,religion, sex etc..

    In the years after, LGBT of Canada did gain the right to marry and to have and adopt children. We didn't have to fight and manifest in violent ways to convince our leader to give us those rights.

    Our Confederation is different then your Constitution which makes it easier to achieve social consensuses so that everyone can be accepted and be fully recognize as citizens of Canada with full rights.

    Now that you've elected this «narrow minded» Trumpty Dumpty president and that his office is filled, by him, with bigot ministers, again your gains of LGBT rights are in jeopardy. It's like a never ending story or a «cha-cha» dance: one step forward, two step backward......

    PS- I like mini series because they have an end.
    I love Game of Thrones, to make an example, but it is too long before it wraps up.
    In another one, Looking was too short and the ending was nice but let me on my thirst.
    With «This is Us» I'm really addicted and I love that serie hoping to see the end of it but not too soon, I hope. Must admit that I shred some tears after almost every episodes to tell you how heartbreaking this show is.

  2. Anonymous04:56

    En suspenso.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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