01 March 2017

His Own Worst Enemy

The Daily Beast published an intriguing article on Monday (link here) about how the Trump administration may have sabotaged its own anti-LGBT efforts in the long run with its February 22 broken promise on transgender protections.

This is important because it may offer some hope for other LGBT rights that Donald Trump may later attack, like when he signs the discriminatory and fraudulently titled First Amendment Defense Act (FADA).

Trump's actions to date on LGBT and other issues have been contradictory. On some issues, he's trying to assert that state rights rule -- meaning states, not the federal government, should decide on certain matters. However, on other issues, he's arguing an anti-states rights position. This schizophrenic approach may hurt him down the road, as the article details.

He's also attempting to argue that states have the right to determine certain issues, when it's already been determined by Congress and the federal courts that the states do not.

All of this suggests a very confused and chaotic legal strategy coming out of homophobe Jeffrey Session's Department of Justice. They may have badly bungled their transgender directive to the point where they're their own worst enemy.

Although some of this self-sabotage is limited to the transgender measure, the matter reveals how they can easily bungle their own legal strategies. We can hope that they do the same when the inevitable legal challenges that come within hours of Donald Trump's signing the hateful FADA law.

Let's hope the Trump administration continues to self-sabotage their own efforts when they try to deny rights to LGBT Americans.


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