30 March 2017


In another kick to the teeth of the LGBT and minority communities, on Monday Donald Trump signed an executive order rescinding President Obama's mandate that companies under contract to the federal government provide documentation about their compliance with fair employment laws (details here).

With this change, no one will now check that such companies are actually complying with the law. Fair employment laws are still in place but there's no longer any way to monitor compliance.

If you work in one branch of a company with many locations, you have no way of knowing if your employer is actually complying with the law. In short, nobody knows except the employer itself.

Trump's action has a disproportionately negative effect on the LGBT community, because LGBT people do not have the explicit nondiscrimination protections under federal law afforded other protected minorities. Only about half of the states have fair employment laws that include LGBT people.

The President said he signed this executive order to "create jobs" but it will not create a single job. In fact, it will reduce the number of people employed in large companies because compliance officers will no longer be needed.

This is one of many actions Trump has taken and will take that weaken protections for ordinary Americans and make life more profitable for the wealthy. From environmental rules to employment standards, he wants to make sure the deck is stacked even higher against average citizens.

Trump campaigned like he was the advocate for the "99 percent," notwithstanding he's part of the "1 percent." His actions since becoming President, however, show he's primarily focused on making things even better for those at the top of the heap.

The rest of us are left out in the cold.


  1. Again dear American LGBT friends, I'm totally «speechless» and not toothless because as you may know now, in Canada such nonsense law isn't in place here.

    It's so incredible that your «modern» country is continuing to be ruled by those 1% of super wealthy people and more by those religious bigots.

    When your advanced civilized technologic country will be really living in the 21st century and let old ways of ruling and thinking behind him?

    It's obvious since those ultra conservatives are at the command that all over USA many states are against it and other are rejoicing. It proves that your constitution isn't working for many years now because there are too many divergent point of view.

    The federal government is often fighting over with those States that are more open minded and liberal.
    With all those fights, your country shows a kind of weakness to the rest of the world and the «Make America Great Again» is now more and more a JOKE than anything else.

    America WAS great in the past when you conquered the space race or achieved to bring together countries in the UN in NYC etc. But now, with this «clown» in office, your credibility is weakening more an more every day to the rest of the world.

    A country is judged by to way it treats his most vulnerable citizens and minorities.
    In this, USA is more and more failing its main duty.

    Your 99% will be suffering in the next 4 years because their wishes will have to wait and be deceived because your 1% is ruling for their own wealth and fame.

    Your in the verge of a big break and USA will be more divided that united.
    You'll have to rename as the «Divided States of America»......

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    That photo springs an immediate boner!

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