12 November 2011


This lad seems to be carrying around a load of attitude. He's hot and he knows it. He's used to being worshiped.

That gives this video an interesting edge, because there's a subtext of humiliation about him. You get a little sense that he needs money and has to do this. There's something erotic about that potential humiliation for me.

I guess I like to see a big arrogant bull like him grovel a bit. Does that make me a bad person? Sometimes I can be a bad boy. And sometimes it's good to be bad every now and then.


  1. He does have a bit of a narcissistic attitude when he poses. It also looks to me like he's shaved his chest...which is a bad thing.

  2. Anonymous06:24

    Despite being cocky, I found this lad to be quite likeable (and quite lickable). He's very hot.

    My only problem with the video is that the guy is a one trick pony. He endlessly pumped his cock with his right hand. That's fine for starters, but I like solo videos where the guy lays on his belly and humps the mattress, fingers his ass, or lathers up in the shower. His poor left hand must have felt "left" out.

    I look forward to your videos on a Saturday morning the same way I felt about Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. It's a great way to start my weekend.


    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous20:49

    Arrogant is right...LOL. Not even remotely sexy in the video...thats what happens when you get paid to just jerk off!

  4. I imagine a whole backstory: the people filming him are 5'1" and 100# each, but they love jocks. This poor straight guy was unlucky enough to be trapped and, every so often, has to come over, strip, and show off a bit before topping each of them. I've roleplayed this kind of thing myself and had lots of fun with it!

  5. Anonymous17:42

    He appears big, but he's actually quite a small guy. Look at him in the first few moments, his elbows are at the level of the doorknob, which would make him about 5' 1" !


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