11 January 2012

The Hitchhiker

I have never seen a hitchhiker who looks this good. They're not often seen here in California, except at onramps to freeways well outside the city. Those lads don't look like this one bit.


  1. Anonymous09:59

    I used to hitch hike all the time and got picked up by some pretty hot men, but then more not so hot than hot but I was hitching to get somewhere, not into someone. LOL.

  2. Anonymous10:02

    All those cars that whiz by the hitchiker? They obviously have signs on their dashboards that read, 'No Shoes,No Shirts,No Service'. - Montana Cowboy

  3. Anonymous20:04

    Remember, this is a movie, a porn movie? It's not real life...

  4. Anonymous02:26

    Boy, do I wish to be running into a hitchhiker like that ... SOON!

  5. Anonymous14:53

    Great video. His nipples alone are worth the Oscar for Best actor.


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