19 May 2014

Ginger Bottoms Up

I'm guessing this tempting amateur hottie is not straight. Straight lads don't usually show off their holes in amateur shots.

Some of these pictures suggest not only that he's on team rainbow but also that he's a bottom. He's inviting us to sample his holes. What a tempting offer. Do you like threesomes ginger lad?

All the photos below are larger in their originals, so to see and save those, plus a few more of ginger lad not featured on this page, please click here.


  1. Boy, what a small gay world, or in this case small gay blog world. His name is Tim as far as I know. He lives near Toronto which is why I know a little about him. Has has a twitter and tumblr account. He has a bf who is not so much an exhibitionist as this hottie. They have an open relationship and he is, are you ready? A top! But loves his ass eaten. Maybe he bottoms to his lover only.

  2. Ginger Boy is a hot lad indeed with his Fire Red Bush and Pits. Would love to tweek those matching red nipples that are so sensitive on Ginger Men Boys!

  3. Anonymous14:29

    He posted a ton of photos on GWIP and then they disappeared. Glad to see you found some of him.

  4. Anonymous11:07

    Image of Tim in a blue shirt with a tie is the best (in my opinion).

  5. Does anyone have a link to his tumblr or twitter?


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