22 October 2009


I found him on Flickr and know nothing more. Did he post this on some hookup site looking for action when he had some R and R time? I'd love to know if this gentleman packing the thick meat is a show-er or a grow-er. Either way, he's quite the man.

I have no military experience, but the uniformed shot looks real to my untrained eyes. I don't think this is from one of those sites where rentboys are passed off as servicemen on leave. The mediocre aesthetics in both images pretty convincingly spells "amateur" with no photo skills.


  1. i love him, he is hard!
    wow he is huge too...

  2. He is really got something

  3. Mark of Brooklyn10:53

    I am betting shower AND grower.

  4. Anonymous16:41

    this dude is on bigmuscle once in a while...nc, fayetteville---he is really in the army.

  5. Anon, using the BigMuscle search feature, I see four blokes listed from Fayetteville, North Carolina. One is in the Army with a shaved head but clearly not this fellow.

  6. Anonymous11:47

    This guy is on BigMuscle, I've seen him there, however he shuts his profile down while he's on duty, so I guess he's somewhere out there just now.

  7. Anonymous23:23

    His name is David; We were friends while living in Louisiana.


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