02 January 2021

A Failure to Rise

On Thursday, the New York Times published one of their trademark deep-dive pieces (link here) taking readers behind the scenes for a look at how the Covid-19 crisis overwhelmed Donald Trump.

More than anything else, 2020's pandemic perfectly illustrated how Trump was never fit for the job nor ever could be. More than anything else, the reason why he failed is because he thinks primarily about himself, so shaping policy around what it means for him was always doomed to fail.

We expect politicians to have healthy egos, but they also must have a genuine concern for the public plus the ability to put others before self. Trump is utterly incapable of grasping this fundamental political maxim.

The price for his failure has been ghastly — as of today, approximately 355,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, which is a per capita rate thirty times that of Australia, another first-world nation, and a per capita rate more then two hundred times that of New Zealand, another first-world nation. It's nearly sixty times the per capita rate of South Korea, another first-world nation, which had its first Covid-19 case appear on the same day as in the United States.

What did such countries do right that the United States did wrong? The answer is obvious: they didn't have a head of state named Trump.

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