20 January 2021

The Worst

In recent weeks, I've seen several articles making the argument that Donald Trump will go down in the record books as the worst American President in history. While they made some good points, I don't think they made a convincing case.

In contrast, a history professor at New York University published a "why worst" article yesterday at The Atlantic (link here) that I believe makes a clear, concise, and convincing case for why Trump is on the bottom rung. The piece is titled "The Worst President in History — Three Particular Failures Secure Trump’s Status as the Worst Chief Executive Ever to Hold the Office."

Lest someone accuse the author of being some rabid liberal, this fact is worth noting: the writer is a life-long Republican.

Read the piece at your leisure — it's not long — and share with like-minded associates.

And celebrate the fact that, as of noon today East Coast time, Trump will no longer be President.

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