17 January 2021

The Backlash

Since the aborted Capitol coup attempt incited by Donald Trump on January 6, an unprecedented chain reaction has occurred, particularly during this past week. Beginning as a trickle and then becoming a torrent, big donor after big donor vowed to stop donating to any elected member of Congress who voted to dispute the Electoral College count (details here).

This has Republican leaders concerned. They hoped to retake either or both houses of Congress in 2022. And they're already facing a difficult challenge in the Senate, defending twenty seats whilst Democrats defend only fourteen and facing two expensive open races. In only a few days, their dreams of electoral success darkened considerably.

They deserve no pity. When you support unconstitutional, undemocratic attempts to overthrow the will of the people, you have to pay the price. Let this be a lesson for the next time they blindly follow a madman over the cliff.

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