14 January 2021

Why This Time Is Different

As was expected, the House of Representatives voted yesterday to impeach Donald Trump for the second time. Ten Republican members of Congress voted in favor, making it the most bipartisan impeachment of a President to date.

The matter now moves to the Senate. David Graham at The Atlantic wrote a good piece (link here) last night about why this second impeachment is different.

Two points the writer didn't make also warrant consideration. First, the transgression here is so much more obvious. The last one was over a telephone call none of us heard. Notwithstanding it involved an extremely important issue, it was remote from the common person's perspective.

In contrast, everyone witnessed with their own eyes, many in real time, the horrific result of Trump's treachery: the Capitol was stormed by his raving vulgarian mob determined to overturn the country's lawful vote. He gleefully encouraged and triggered an attempted coup.

The second point is that the forthcoming trial will be as much about the Republican Party as it will be about Trump. Can the party rescue itself and rip away the cancer that is Trumpism? Or will it fatally be joined with the man who will destroy it? Time will only tell.

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