12 December 2013

A Few Dollars Short

Fabio has been featured here before, but I just spotted this set recently. He and his magnificent cock deserve a revival.

He is not stunningly handsome, but he's all man. He reminds me of those hot grease monkeys you occasionally see toiling away in a mechanic's lair. I can imagine him in nothing but a grimy pair of coveralls, the zip down low revealing his powerful chest and his big uncut cock bobbing and poking at the thick fabric.

I'm thinking Shawn, the other lad here, was $12 short on his bill and Fabio was not amused. "I'm not a fuckin' bank, dude," Fabio says with a snarl when Shawn asks to add it to his next invoice. "Now get on your knees and work for your money. Twelve bucks divided by the minimum wage rate means I own your ass for the next hour and a half."

These images are huge, so click here for a free folder where you can see them all in their large size.


  1. Anonymous11:20

    Are you saying having a large, uncut cock is a prerequisite to being "all man?"

    1. Anonymous08:58

      Thanks. I thought that would be out of character for you.

  2. Anonymous09:10

    Id say YEAH.. if you have a large cock THAT would be a prerequisite to being ALL man.. .or at least all MORE man. . . .hehe .. WOOF. the bigger the better.

  3. Anonymous09:11

    This Fabio use to be much leaner . then he started adding weight. .. .He looks good .. strong. . masculine.. nice cock. .. but I think I liked him more on the leaner side.. he had better abs then... .and I like those hot tight abs! WOOF


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