23 December 2013

Brown Sugar

This lad has all the right ingredients: a nice body, some fur to keep you warm on a cold night, a winning smile, a fat cock. He's a new addition to the Sean Cody stud stable. I hope they bring him back for some fucking. I'd love to see him topping and bottoming.

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  1. Anonymous12:00

    Wow, I want Santa to bring me him for Christmas. Handsome gentleman, and hairy in all the "right" places. Great ass, and his cock is just my kind a, medium thickie, so he could ahhh, take care of me.


  2. Anonymous12:18

    Too hairy and its all kinky.... don't like that.. . reminds me of a black poodle. .. if you are that hairy and its kinky or even straight for that matter you should shave it . . would look much hotter.

  3. Anonymous17:00

    sexy guy, but for one important thing:his penis shows awful scars off a botched circumcision!

  4. Anonymous06:53

    Gorgeous! Want him now, with a bow on that fat cock.

  5. Anonymous14:59

    What a hunk of chocolate. Nice body and my favorite kind of cock a medium thickie... I would love to give this dude some fine head, and take his nut.

    Pic # 6 is the best, really shows what a fine cock he has.


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