24 December 2013

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy holidays to you lads (and several ladies who also visit here). Now's the time to be bad, because Santa will be too distracted delivering gifts to find time to add your name to his naughty list.

I want to know what that box is about on the table behind the lads to the right of the picture near the flowers. It's all wrapped with a bow and has a cock-size hole, like it's a tiny little gloryhole box. Maybe that's what got the two blokes here all heated up to start: one put his dick in the box for the other as a gift.

This picture is enormous, so click here to see it full size in glorious boner-color.


  1. Anonymous08:02

    LOL.. We know where your mind is this Christmas, but your right, it does look like a GH, and heck just grab a tissue to clean the egg nog.. heheh

    Very nice Christmas picture, does it for me.

    Thanks and Happy Chrismas EVE....

  2. This is what the box was for - http://ultimategayporn.tumblr.com/post/71029938813/christmas-orgy


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