09 December 2016

The Peter Fallacy

Several Donald Trump supporters have emailed me to insist I'm wrong about his stance on LBGT issues. "He's supported by Peter Thiel, so he can't be anti-LGBT," a typical plea begins.

In case you don't know, Peter Thiel is an openly gay billionaire entrepreneur who initially supported Carly Fiorina in her presidential run, then switched his support to Trump. For years, Thiel has donated to libertarian and conservative causes and politicians.

Here's the thing: just because you can find some LGBT person who supports Trump does not magically make Trump pro-LGBT. The best examples of this logical fallacy would be Verband Nationaldeutscher Juden and Der Deutsche Vortrupp.

If you know German, you probably realize those were pro-Nazi Jewish organizations. Yes, it's true -- several thousand Jews supported Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party from the 1920s until the mid-1930s when they finally -- and often tragically too late -- saw the handwriting that most everyone else had long seen on the wall.

So applying this logical parallel to Trump, saying that he's pro-LGBT because a gay man supports him is as ludicrous as saying Hitler wasn't anti-Semitic because he was supported by some fascist Jews. Vladimir Putin is stridently anti-LGBT but, strangely, supported by some wealthy gay men in Russia, so there's another example for you.

Moving on to a much more pleasant subject, featured today is one of my favorites, Zeb Atlas. He is a true behemoth, standing a towering 6'3, and weighing 275 pounds with a nice big dick. He is a national treasure.

He's not doing as much porn as he has in years past but still appears on occasion. He has always topped and, to the best of knowledge, has only sucked cock once on screen. He describes himself as bisexual and has also filmed porn scenes with women.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than sixty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous16:43

    He is now so big that he has become a caricature of himself and has gone from being a hot hunk to physically repulsive!!

  2. I think he looked a hell of a lot better when he lets his chest hair grow. Damn!!!! he's has a awesome hary chest


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