30 March 2009


This artistic photograph is charged with so much more raw eroticism than porn. Three young guys, full of testosterone and cum, are beginning to explore each other's bodies. They have no idea where this is leading, but it just feels too damn good to stop.

Did you have an experience like this when you were in high school? I did. Two guys a year older invited me to go camping when we were staying at our summer home. I was secretly thrilled beyond measure. Whilst I didn't yet understand why, just being around them made me feel fantastic. They were the cool jock sorts who would have ignored me back home at school. In a summer resort town, however, clicques and pecking orders were unimportant.

They introduced me to pot, which was an experience in itself. After we drifted down from our high, they introduced me to something else. Take off your clothes like us, they said. The cannabis had extinguished my inhibitions so I did like they did. Then they started touching each other. Their cocks stiffened, as did mine. And then they were touching me, too.

I had entered a whole new world.


  1. Male bonding is the root of all joy.

  2. Anonymous12:40

    ok, so what happened next?? Dont leave us hanging. I can tell you my first experience. I was in college. I played tennis so I was put in the so called athletes dorm. I had my own room but shared a bath with a football player. Somehow we got to be friends and we even went out a few times. One nite we went out and I got drunk and passed out. He got me back to the dorm and I woke up in the middle of the nite with a tickling down there. I looked down expecting to see my then girlfriend and it was him, AND MAN DID HE KNEW WHAT TO DO. He took it down his throat and massaged it and held it there!! At first I sorta was in paradise and then I realized it was a guy, I yell, WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING MAN?? He looked me directly in the eye with my dick down his throat, came up for minute and said, LAY BACK AND ENJOY IT. Down his head went again and man, I cummed buckets. He did it four more times that nite. I woke up the next morning sore but ashamed. A few nites later, we sitting and talking and drinking and it came up and he said his brother had shown him how to suck dick and he loved it. he then showed me what else his brother showed him. I broke up with my girlfriend within the week


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