07 March 2013

Big Becomes Bigger

Every time I see Zeb Atlas in a new video or photo set, he seems to have grown even more massive than the last time. He now looks like he could juggle a pair of Volkswagons without breaking a sweat. Can he get any more freakin' huge?

Whilst he keeps getting bigger, unfortunately he still is exclusively a top on film. Zeb, it's time you showed us you are a true manly man by bending over and playing catcher for a while. We will not think less of you for doing so. The opposite will be true.

These photos below are all quite large, so be sure to click each one to see Zeb in all his massive glory.




  2. I was looking forward to him coming on Gigolos but that didn't happen.

  3. Anonymous21:54

    thank God for real tops, though, a bottom´s dream cum true

  4. The reason Zeb always looks like he's gotten BIGGER is because he is ALWAYS getting BIGGER. No matter how much muscle he already has, Zeb is continually piling more & more muscle on top of his already massive self. He'll be 43 this October & is sure to be even more MASSIVE THAN EVER!!

    P.S. - Unfortunately, for all you who are waiting for the Big Event, Zeb has stated ABSOLUTELY that he will NEVER bottom. EVER. So, instead of waiting for the impossible, just sit back & enjoy what Zeb does best - as he keeps building more muscle + muscle + muscle.

  5. And I meant to add that even though he has already cornered the market in muscle, in Stripped2 Zeb is even much more MASSIVE.

    Zeb's bicep flexing & pec bouncing are without competition!! His smile when he kisses his swollen, pumped, rock-hard bicep peak is adorable.


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