31 March 2009

Real Beverly Hills Cop

This blond god is a real Beverly Hills police officer. If you cast him in a movie as a motorcycle cop, people might think he was too gorgeous to be believable. California, however, has no shortage of splendid gods. I'm bicostal so I spent about half my time in the Golden State. The economy here may be in the toilet whilst the state hovers on the brink of bankruptcy, but the constant parade of prime manflesh more than makes up the difference.

When I'm on the West Coast, I frequently do research at the Beverly Hills Public Library, located in the same complex as the police department. The eye candy parade of gorgeous cops coming and going is well worth the journey. They are always very courteous and polite. Having a fantastically wealthy tax base helps.

Whomever Officer Blond might be, he's sadly married, as is evidenced by that glinting wedding band on his left hand. You can look but you can't touch. Unfortunately, so many gods are straight, married, and unobtainable. And they're always the ones I want the most. I fall hard and, like a fool, I pick myself up and fall again.


  1. OMG I know this guy! I work in the Beverly Hills City Hall. He is so incredibly nice. I've had such a crush on him for so long. Trust me, he looks 100 times more fantastic in person and he has absolutely the sexiest voice.

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  3. Anonymous19:48

    Beverly Hills Cop? If you want to see some beautiful gods, try the Santa Barbara Fire Department!!


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