30 December 2017

A Lie a Minute

Only very infrequently does Donald Trump give an interview to any media outlet that does not adore him. Usually he appears on Fox News and various arch-conservative religious networks.

So Washington watchers were surprised when, on Thursday, Trump gave an impromptu half-hour interview to a reporter at The New York Times, a newspaper he considers in the enemy camp. As could be expected, Trump told an absurd number of lies.

To that end, the very helpful Daniel Dale at The Toronto Star published a sourced list (link here) of the twenty-five times Trump lied during the interview. That adds up to about a lie a minute, considering parts of the interview were simply idle chatter.

The biggest lie is the President's claim that his campaign did not collude with any Russian entity but that Democrats did. That, of course, is so preposterous that one is left wondering why he even said it. Did he think The New York Times readers couldn't see through his bullshit?

In a way, these Trump lie-fests serve a valuable purpose: they keep establishing how he's so relentlessly dishonest, that when he claims to speak the truth, we know what's coming out of his mouth is false.

And thanks once again to The Toronto Star for their excellent reportage. They have been telling truth-to-power with Trump all year.

Read Daniel Dale's list and share it with everyone you know who follows American politics. Trump's lies must not go unnoticed.


  1. Anonymous03:23

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  2. I've read that very interesting Toronto Star article and it just proved more and more that this «moron» is taking without any real knowledge of the REAL FACTS in his own country.

    For the NAFTA négociations, he is way on the side of the track. Many (35) states are trembling because it'll have catastrophic consequences on many years of good trade between our two countries.
    For decades, Canada and USA are trade friends and we BOTH benefit of it.

    «45» wants to show himself as THE ONE who will «Make America Great Again» without seeing that many other presidents before him were better at it than «HIM»....
    Most of all, the name OBAMA is to be erased of any piece of legislation he did to make the name «TRUMP» on new ones.
    So far, NONE were done except the disastrous TAX CUT BILL.

    «HE» is digging a huge hole of over 25 trillion of $$$$ debt putting it in the hands of the future generations to repay.

    USA is sinking and «HE» isn't doing anything good about it.


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