14 December 2017


Literally hundreds of articles were published yesterday in the wake of Doug Jones stunning defeat of hater Roy Moore in Alabama's special Senate election on Tuesday. Rather than publish tons of links here, I'll focus on just one piece which I think offered a really excellent analysis of why this was such a historic win.

Molly Ball wrote a great piece for Time magazine (link here) about both the shorter and longer term implications for this victory. Ball is a veteran political journalist and knows her subject well; she has appeared on a number of television political programs and, until recently joining Time, was chief political correspondent for The Atlantic and, before that, wrote for Politico and a number of newspapers.

She writes: "With Jones’s surprising win, the American political landscape seemed to rattle and tilt on its axis. If a Democrat could be elected in Alabama — a state President Donald Trump won by 28 points just last year — a lot of things suddenly look possible for the party out of power. And panicked Republicans confronted a stark reality: If they could lose Alabama, no Republican may be safe in next year’s midterm elections."

Read Ball's whole piece. It's absolutely golden.

Donald Trump should be worried. Republicans should be terrified. They are making matters worse, people are geting angrier, polls are showing the GOP tanking, and the midterms are right around the corner.

The landscape has changed. Trump was dealt a staggering but not fatal blow with this election. Just imagine what 2018 could be like if, across the country, race after race, Trumpism is defeated as Republicans are sent packing like they were this week.

We can make that happen if we all volunteer to help a campaign or two in your state. If not there, then in an adjacent state if a little travel isn't a problem. My boyfriend and I are already planning to shuttle back and forth to and from Nevada next year to volunteer in a Senate race there.

Get involved. And stay tuned.


  1. Hope what you say can happen nationally in USA.
    Must point out that Jones' majority was very thin therefore those «morons» can also double efforts to get over that short gap.
    Don't underestimate those «d├ęplorables» power to go and vote for those old thinking Republican candidates.

    «45» shouldn't be elected on the grounds of ALL what is alledged on his past behaviors and mostly now that his Russia «love» is coming out.
    Not enough fast to me.

    USA has a long road to gain political sanity.

  2. Impressive schlong!

  3. Anonymous04:35

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