13 December 2017

Hate Lost Big

Alabamans held their statewide election yesterday for their empty Senate seat. In a stunning upset, Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore in one of the most conservative states in the country in the most-watched race of the year.

By extension, Donald Trump lost big, too, because he had enthusiastically endorsed Moore and campaigned for him in the final two weeks of the campaign.

Moore is one of the most odious individuals to run for public office in recent decades. He's stridently theocratic, a blatant LGBT hater, a nasty racist, and an abusive misogynist. He would be happy if America was like a conservative Christian version of Iran. Good riddance to him.

This was a great day for America. The GOP Senate margin is now one seat smaller, bringing it to a razor-thin 51-49 advantage. Best of all, this result was a wakeup call to Republican politicians -- supporting Trump in 2017 and 2018 comes with different consequences than it did in 2016.

Republican Trump won Alabama by a 28 point margin in November 2016. Republican Moore lost Alabama by a 1 point margin in December 2017. That is a historic 29-point shift in a little more than a year.

Moore is now toast. And Trump's defeat in 2020 just got a whole lot closer.


  1. Anonymous04:25

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  2. OMG!
    Well, ALABAMA, yesterday you've made an historical election.

    BRAVO! And now this must give all USA (and Trumpty Dumpty) a good message for November election.

    Must admit from my Canadian point of view, having a «child rapist» as a candidate is surrealistic and NEVER this «man» could even think to go in election in Canada.

    Few months ago TWO candidates for a partial election in Province of Qu├ębec did see some «sexual arassement» at work coming out in the medias. Well they resign on the spot and both parties removed them from the election.

    Two different countries, two ways to judge our candidates.

  3. Anonymous09:00

    I'd be careful about reading too much into this election. Moore was so objectionable that he was easy to vote against. If the Republicans run an even slightly more moderate candidate with no "baggage," Alabama will certainly "flip" back. In addition, black voters were largely responsible for electing the Democrat; if they're not sufficiently motivated during the next election, the seat will almost certainly flip back. The margin of victory was only 1.5%. I don't want to "rain on your parade"; just be cautious.


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